We are in Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, BlueChoice PPO, Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO, Aetna PPO & HMO, United Healthcare PPO & HMO, United Behavioral Health, Optum, Cigna PPO & EAP, Anthem, Lyra EAP, & Multiplan PHCS.

How does insurance work?

  1. It is recommended that before your first session you contact your health insurance provider about behavioral health outpatient counseling benefits under your plan.
  2. If the therapist you are seeing is considered an in-network provider with your plan, you don’t have to do a thing. We will bill your insurance directly. What you might owe out-of-pocket depends on your plan. This could include paying towards your deductible, co-payments, or co-insurance. If your therapist is considered out-of-network, you are responsible for the full fee at the time of the session. In this case, you will receive a statement showing you’ve paid that you may submit on your own to your insurance for possible reimbursement depending on your plan.
  3. The credit/debit/HSA card you have on file in the client portal will be charged the amount you owe after the session.

Know your insurance - make the most of your Benefits!

In-Network – Providers that are considered in-network have contracted with the health insurance company for an agreed rate

Out-of-Network – Providers are considered out-of-network when they have not contracted with a given health insurance company. Many people receive out-of-network reimbursement, but the amount is determined by your plan

Deductible – The amount of money you are responsible for paying before insurance starts to cover the cost of appointments. Deductibles typically re-set once a year. Deductibles vary by insurance plan. You will be charged your portion of the session until deductible is met. The credit/debit/HSA card you entered in the portal will be charged for your portion of the session until deductible is met.

Co-pay – A set amount that is determined by your specific plan. The co-pay will be charged to the credit/debit/HSA card you have in the portal after each session.

Co-insurance – In addition to a co-pay, some insurance plans require you to pay a co-insurance of the total amount billed. The co-insurance will be charged to the credit/debit/HSA card you have in the portal after your session.

You can obtain your specific information by contacting your insurance provider.