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A Few Words About Us

our Philosophy

We respect our clients. Period.

As clinicians, we bring decades of experience and training to the table. But you’re the expert on what it feels like to be in your life, body, heart and mind. When we put our experience and your life-expertise together, you’re more likely to get where you want to go and feel the way you want to feel.

We listen whole-heartedly to you, then draw from many evidence-based treatment approaches to address your goals.


Between us, we have 62,000 client hours of experience . . . and counting!

With a diverse set of expertise and training, we draw on the collective knowledge of our whole team to best suit your individual needs. Its like getting many therapists for the price of one!


We celebrate differences in our clients and in our clinicians.

We value differences in perspectives.

We respect differences in experiences and life journeys.

Each and every person deserves to have a chance at a good life.

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